Event: How To Use PR To Get Media Coverage For Your Business – 2nd November 2016

How To Use PR To Get Media Coverage For Your Business

I am dedicated to seeing small business shine and succeed, using over a decade of business experience I will be giving business owners an overview of how to use PR to gain media coverage and ultimately grow their business.

In this comprehensive business seminar small business owners and entrepreneurs will learn how to do undertake their own PR campaigns for their businesses.

  • Understanding PR and the impact it has on business growth.
  • Telling Your Business Story – How to write a great press release with a winning headline.
  • Identifying Your Audience – Learn how to position the brand to get the right press in front of the right audience.
  • Use Social Media To Make An Impact -Pinpointing the best social media platforms necessary to amplify the brand.
  • How To Use PR to Grow Your Business – Using media coverage to attract new customers and clients.

By the end of the seminar each participant should feel confident enough to get media coverage for their business.

Watch this YouTube video highlighting PR Tips for Small Business Owners by Ronke Lawal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4C2tufOjTI&index=17&list=PL_jvIvmyI0VlHFhgpvfd3l3PxY6sAvHpv

Introducing #PRChatAfrica

It is always such a pleasure to collaborate with like-minded experts in the field of PR, particularly the amazing women involved in the PR Chat Africa, social media initiative. What is particularly exciting is that all of the Publicists involved are from the African diaspora around the world and each of us is passionate about how PR can be used to make a positive impact on “Brand Africa”. Ariatu Public Relations is proud to be part of this great online initiative.#PRChatAfrica

Established by Mode Maison PR, #PRChatAfrica will be an interactive, informative and enjoyable platform where both experts in the field of PR and just people interested in PR & Business can get involved with our regular chats on twitter! If you are a brand, this platform will offer you the opportunity to find and collaborate with a publicist in the market you are targeting. For other representatives and the media, this platform will offer content writing collaborations for African and non-African audiences interested in business/entrepreneurship/marketing/communications and branding from around the world.

Use the hashtag #PRChatAfrica to get involved and be part of this amazing movement.

Interviewed By Nigerians of England

Nigerians of England

Great to be interviewed for The Nigerians of England site: https://nigeriansofengland.com/2016/09/19/noe-ronke-lawal/

The blog serves as a mouthpiece which aims to declare to the world that Nigerians in the diaspora are not just ‘hustling’ for personal gain but are striving for excellence and alleviating the sociological and economical burdens of the diasporan community.