Your Friends Are Not Your Customers!

Your Friends Are Not Your Customers

Over the years I’ve met quite a few disgruntled business owners who have felt disappointed about the fact that their friends have not been their customers or clients. Quite often this disappointment is just a distraction from focusing on attracting customers and clients from other areas. Of course we all want supportive friends and of course it is wonderful when your friends do buy from you but you shouldn’t expect it or demand it to the detriment of your friendship/relationship.

Your friends can show support and be your biggest cheerleaders without being your customers and you really should try not to become resentful. Business can be challenging enough without placing more strain on your relationships and friendships.

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Business Seminar: PR For Start Ups And Small Businesses July 6th 2017

PR for starts ups

Ronke Lawal, Founder of Ariatu PR is dedicated to seeing small business shine and succeed, using over a decade of business experience she will be giving business owners an overview of how to use PR to improve credibility, gain media coverage and ultimately grow their business. 

In this comprehensive business seminar small business owners and entrepreneurs will learn how to undertake their own PR campaigns. 

  • Understanding PR the media, and the impact it has on business growth.
  • Telling Your Unique Business Story – How to write a great press release with a winning headline.
  • Identifying Your Audience – Learn how to build brand reputation and credibility and how to position your brand to get the right press in front of the right audience.
  • Use Social Media To Make An Impact -Pinpointing the best social media platforms necessary to amplify the brand and manage brand reputation.
  • How To Use PR to Grow Your Business – Using media coverage to attract new customers and clients.

By the end of the seminar each participant should feel confident enough to use PR to manage their brand reputation and get media coverage for their business.



What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Voluntary Action Islington is approximately 10 minutes walk from King’s Cross Station

On exiting King’s Cross Underground station turn left and head eastwards on Euston Road and walk for 3 minutes. At the junction continue straight ahead onto Pentonville Road and continue for a further 7 minutes until arriving at Voluntary Action Islington.

Buses that run along Pentonville Road include 30, 73, 214.
Additional buses that stop at King’s Cross Station include 10, 17, 45, 46, 63, 91, 259, 390.

Trains to King’s Cross, St Pancras or Euston.

Piccadilly, Circle, Victoria, Hammersmith and City, Northern and Metropolitan lines all pass through King’s Cross Station.

Car parking
Parking meters in the surrounding streets.

What can I bring into the event?

Please bring a smartphone and notebook.

Tickets are non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of the event date but they are transferable.


5 Podcast Interviews That Will Boost Your Confidence, Build Your Brand and Raise Your Motivation

5 Podcasts To Inspire and Motivate

I’m never one to follow trends too obsessively, I like to take my time with things and scope them out in my own time. That’s why it’s taken me a while to get into the podcast flow, I don’t listen to the radio as much as I used to unless a client is being featured or there’s a specific show and I’ve always considered podcasts to be static radio shows. Well my bubble has been burst! Whilst I’m not obsessed I have become an absolute huge admirer of podcasts recently and have enjoyed listening to some great ones, they motivate me when I need that spark up my backside to keep things moving in business and there are just so many stories that are being told authentically and intentionally that really inspire me. Here are some of my favourite podcast interviews that will help boost your confidence, build your brand consciousness and raise your motivation levels:

This interview on the Heart + Hustle Blog featuring Bobbi of Ready To Blog was just so endearing, so real and authentic. It touches on everything from social media to employing your first member of staff.

I absolutely loved this NPR “How I Built This” interview featuring the founder of Carol’s Daughter, Lisa Price. Her tenacity and work ethic shines through and her down to earth nature is clear. What particularly resonated with me was her honesty about her journey. I don’t want to spoil this for you because I really want you to listen and be encouraged:

I really enjoyed this interview with Shonay Shote about her experiences of taking the big leap and spreading her wings. Aside from her courage it was really inspiring to hear about her willingness to seek new opportunities.

This was an absolutely brilliant podcast interview on the Support Is Sexy platform featuring PR expert Karen Taylor Bass which highlighted the importance of understanding the difference between your passion and your gifts and why boundaries matter in business and in life as a whole.

This has to be one of my favourite podcast interviews, it’s on Myleik Teele’s podcast and is a great conversation with business woman Karleen Roy, Founder of The Vanity Group. Not only is it filled with useful nuggets for business growth but the anecdotes are just awe-inspiring! Listen and find out for yourself.

I hope you will enjoy listening to these podcasts as much as I did and that you will find something useful to take away from each of them. Listen, learn and share!

Named As One of 100 Extraordinary Women at the Lift Effects Star Awards 2017

On June 17th 2017, it was an honour to be awarded a Star Award at The Lift Effects Conference, an organisation which has been established by Founder Sandra Nelson to celebrate women from across the world who are doing amazing things in their community.

Not only does the event provide a platform to recognise 100 extraordinary women doing great things in their respective fields but it is also an empowering and motivational conference which encourages women to live lives of purpose and joy. Grateful for the acknowledgment and the award, it was wonderful to be surrounded by so many amazing women.

LiftEffects Star Award

Being present a Star Award by Founder Sandra Nelson and Former Mayor of Enfield, Chief Kate Anolue – Image via Carmel Britto

Lift Effect Award Ronke Lawal