How To Run a Successful Fashion Boutique

In this video I interview an amazing woman who has been able to grow a successful fashion business and turned her dream into a reality. We discuss all the key factors that can help to teach others how to run a successful fashion boutique.

Daphne Kasambala is the Founder and Director of Sapelle, a ladieswear fashion brand with a store in Notting Hill, London and two e-commerce stores serving women of all backgrounds around the world.

Sapelle brings a breath of fresh air to women’s wardrobes, offering everyday style that fuses modern silhouettes with the individuality of African wax print designs and artisan craftsmanship.

In this interview we discuss what it takes to run a successful fashion boutique, how to promote and market your fashion business, as well as changing the narrative of doing business as a member of the African Diaspora and Daphne provides some essential advice on perseverance.

Some of the important points to remember from this interview:

• Public Relations – A strong and sustainable PR strategy which strengthens your brands reputation.

• Brand positioning & marketing – Being in the right places to promote the brand including organising opportunities to promote the brand, fashion shows being the most obvious.

• Sales generation & maintenance – Monitoring sales and maintain target driven focus on sales to generate income.

• Financial & accounting management – Ensuring that the money in the bank enables business growth and will allow your fashion label to scale up.

• Team & individual support & motivation – Fashion is not easy, it is amazing but much like anything in life you need to find the necessary support that will motivate you during your journey to the top!

My advice to any small business, not just in fashion, is to aim high but be realistic. A clear business strategy is just as important as a great product or beautiful design. The Business of Fashion is an art in itself; creativity and determination are necessary to drive each and every business forward in order to ensure long-term growth.

How Public Relations Can Help Your Business

This is a follow up to the “What is PR?” video, the purpose of this video is to give a little more depth of understanding to how public relations can help small businesses.  In this video I focus on the problems which public relations can solve. By undertaking the right planning and strategy, public relations can make a real impact on how a brand engages with its target audience. Public Relations is powerful but all too often small businesses underestimate its power and end up feeling short changed when they do engage with a PR agency or consultant. It is so important to learn about public relations and how it can make it a difference in your business.

Featured on a List of Black British YouTubers To Watch

Being featured on the The British Blacklist site as a Black Youtuber in The UK to follow was a great honour not only because it was unexpected but because being a Black YouTuber in the UK comes with challenges but it is still a great experience. Like many other digital media platforms, Black content creators and new Black media outlets have been able to harness the online space to create a brand for themselves in a world in which Western mainstream media is not as inclusive as it should be. When I first started my YouTube channel I didn’t think too much about the fact that there were very few (if any) black British YouTubers focus on my subject matter of business and PR I just wanted to encourage and support anyone out there who is thinking about starting a business or who has a business but faces any challenges. It really is lovely to be included on this great list because it means that people are paying attention and that my channel is serving a purpose after all!

Where Are All the British Black YouTubers?

This wasn’t the first time that The British Blacklist featured me, in 2016 they interviewed me about PR and my YouTube Business channel:

In 2019 I was also featured as one of “7 YouTubers to follow” by Chaud Magazine:

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