Is this the era of the conscious consumer?

I was recently invited onto What Now?, a vibrant podcast series from Dialect which brings together dynamic thought leaders from around the world to try to figure out the new marketing landscape in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic.⁠⁠ Every week, David Maher Roberts hosts one-on-one chats with marketers, communications professionals, product managers and entrepreneurs to explore the trends, opportunities and challenges of this new era and share their opinions, thoughts and insights. What I particularly enjoyed about this podcast was the opportunity to share thoughts on our current climate with regards to the pandemic and the resurgence of energy around the Black Lives Matter movement. We discussed the era of the conscious consumer and how this current era means that the attentions and actions of consumers are focused on the way in which brands behave and communicate.

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I was also passionate about the need to move away from this idea of a “new normal”.  I personally don’t want the world to return to normal and don’t think that consumers as a whole want things to go back to “normal” – they are becoming more aware of the vast inequalities that exist in the world. The world’s structures and systems are not fit for purpose for the betterment of humanity and so if it goes back to “normal” after everything we have gone through then we have let ourselves down. We ended on a note that what we need is a “better normal” for us all.  At the end of the episode I make my recommendations for something to watch and share my personal mantra (which changes regularly by the way but is all rooted in purpose and truth). The video version of this podcast is available on the dialect Vimeo channel.

Focus on Your Purpose

I was recently invited onto The Destiny Creators podcast which is hosted by Annie A Gibbs and I took a deep dive into my experience of starting my business in my early twenties and how I grew, adapted and learnt from my experiences as a young entrepreneur. We discussed life lessons and the importance of mental health and well-being for entrepreneurs. According to a University of San Francisco study undertaken by Michael A Freeman at least half of all entrepreneurs suffer from a mental health condition throughout their lifetime.  I realised through the course of my own business career that though we are surrounded by positive affirmations and motivational soundbites (which I know are important to encourage and uplift founders) we do not speak about the challenges that we face enough, beyond overcoming financial challenges. I am really passionate about the importance of truth telling through our journeys as entrepreneurs and business owners and so in this conversation we spoke about coping mechanisms and the importance of self-care. I also spoke to my younger self:

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Destiny Creators podcast series by Amour Destiné is a series which features open conversations with inspiring people, who are embracing their lives on various paths in life and doing what they love. Through sharing experiences and challenges, as well as thoughts on different topics ranging from business to entertainment, sex, religion, politics and all things about life as we know it the podcast aims to inspire listeners, to create their own destiny! I had a great time speaking to Annie and hopefully her listeners had a lot of takeaways from our conversation.

Being successful in my own right – The PR Hub Podcast

I was recently invited on to The PR Hub podcast, hosted by Adam Tuckwell and Jon Wilcox. PR Hub is a PR & marcoms podcast which spotlights special guests discussing the world of communications and the role it has to play across business and society as a whole.

In this episode I shared my business journey and how I became a “PR entrepreneur” – starting my PR consultancy with no agency experience and being successful in my own right. Although I always wanted to start a business as a child, PR was never really on the agenda for me when I first graduated from university, I actually wanted to be in Investment banking or advertising but had  never managed to enter those industries and had no idea how to break into those industries without following formal channels. Interestingly enough it took a while before I streamlined my business into a dedicated PR and Comms consultancy.  As a proud advocate for mentoring it was good to cover the importance of mentoring and I also addressed other ways to cultivate talent within the PR industry including sponsorship.  While I believe that mentoring works it is not enough when it comes to developing new talent unless institutional changes are made and environments of real inclusion are fostered.  We also talked about the ways in which the industry is falling short when it comes to diversity and inclusion and the very real issue of racism in PR. There are some great initiatives that exist in the industry to address ethnic diversity including; Ignite, Black women in PR, The UK Black Comms Network, BME PR Pros and The Blueprint but more needs to be done to address inequalities in the industry. It was refreshing to have such a frank and open conversation on this podcast – hopefully our discussion will motivate listeners and encourage those in the industry to actively seek change.

The PR Hub Podcast