Using Social Media for Personal Branding with New Narrative Magazine

When New Narrative invited me to discuss social media for personal branding for their newly launched platform I was excited and jumped at the chance. This was such a good podcast interview to undertake because I was able to use my PR background to provide practical and pragmatic tips to creative university students / graduates.  Podcast host Paula and I spoke about how creatives can use social media as part of their personal branding and what they can do to ensure that their social media trail makes a positive impact on their career trajectory. Social media has disrupted not only the media landscape but also the creative landscape, brands are communicating with their primary and secondary audiences very differently now from a few decades ago. Creatives with skills in photography, design, art, copyrighting etc now have to look at how they can navigate social media not just for their personal branding but also for their own content creation purposes. Creatives are finding work and business opportunities through social media but during the course of this conversation we also discussed why social media cannot be the only tactic used to network and build a career. I wanted to remind listeners, particularly university graduates that personal branding is not as scary as it sounds. At its core, personal branding is about always keeping an eye on ones keys goals and being authentic whilst also being wise in pursuit of success. Tune in and share your own thoughts!

New narrative magazine is creating a new narrative for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) creatives using their online magazine platform and social media.

Why Building Your Personal Brand is Important

I believe that there is so much power in building and maintaining a strong personal brand in business and even in the professional careers world. So many business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals want to raise their corporate visibility and business credibility but lack direction or even confidence in doing so. Personal branding allows you to stand out in a crowd and stand firm in your own authenticity but it also allows you to understand the spaces that you are navigating in, empowering you with greater understanding of how to navigate them successful. The key to effective personal branding is reputation. What do you want to be known for? What is your reputation among your peers and to your target audience? If you struggle to answer these questions then this video offers some insight into building your personal brand and why it is important in helping you stand out from the crowd.

Click here to book a private consultation to help you improve your personal brand. Areas covered in the consultation sessions:

  • The Power of a Personal brand – how having a strong personal brand can make an impact on your overall marketing strategy and open up new opportunities in your business or career journey.
  • Reputation Management – How to build trust with your core audience and customer base
  • Using PR to enhance your profile – Using public relations strategies to enhance your public profile.
  • Identifying your values & Knowing your purpose – Understanding what your brand is and how you can maintain your integrity and authenticity.
  • Social Media strategy – How to use social media platforms to raise your visibility.
  • Public Speaking Tips – Advice and guidance on becoming a more confident public speaker.
  • Measuring Success – Assessing Long term goals and celebrating success.

5 Things You Can Do Today That Will Boost Your Personal Brand

A strong personal brand profile is often at the heart of every great PR Campaign. People buy people and potential customers love to learn about the brains behind a brand. However it’s not surprising that many people do not want the limelight that comes from running a successful business. This is understandable, after all with limelight comes a certain level of intrusion that not everyone is comfortable with.

Another reason that most people steer clear of boosting their personal brand profile in business is also due to a lack of confidence. If you are confident in your own personal profile and you know for sure that what you have to offer in business is something of value then sharing your story and talents with the world should be effortless. Think about all of the people that you can influence by sharing your story, but showing people what’s possible through your own journey. This is an exercise in leadership not ego, by letting people know how great you are you give them a chance to see how great they can be too.


Here are some very simple things that you can do that will give you the courage to boost your personal brand profile:

Take the time to look and feel good – find the right look for you and work with it confidently. Everyone is different, you don’t have to follow trends but if you dress for success then it is a reflection of how much you care about yourself. If you feel good about yourself it shows and it can have a positive impact on how you interact with others too. Be comfortable in your own skin and learn to appreciate who you really are so that your profile speaks for itself.

Take care of yourself – your health is a priority, don’t over do things in an effort to accomplish the impossible. If you feel tired, rest. If you feel bored, find something to inspire you.  If you feel lonely, speak to someone. When you feel yourself struggling ask for help and support from the people you know and trust. Your mental and physical health is crucial in ensuring that you can give the best of yourself in all areas of life. If you want to boost your personal profile you have to feel emotionally ready to make it happen.
Find your profile ambassadors – Always appreciate those who will support, encourage and uplift you. Take the time to share your good news and updates with them and they will be your Personal brand ambassadors. This is particularly effective if you are getting used to sharing your “story”, sometimes it’s easier to have other people celebrate us, than us celebrating ourselves. Where can you find your profile ambassadors? It can be your mentor, a friend, a business associate even someone you meet on LinkedIn. There are probably plenty of them in your network if you take the time to look.

Network, Network, Network – Attend events, use social media, join a business group. Find ways to meet new people, maintain business relationships and be visible. Networking is work but it works! If you don’t know where to start then just ask! There are plenty of opportunities to network if you do the research.

Share your knowledge – There are many ways in which you can share your knowledge with the world as an expert in your field; speak at events, write articles and guest posts, start a blog, become a trustee and join the board of a charity. These are just a few examples but they are powerful if done consistently.

Remember: “If you are not proud of who you are why should your customers & clients be?”