How To Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

Becoming known as an expert in your chosen sector is a powerful way to not only build your personal brand but also to enhance the credibility of your business (or career). As you raise your visibility as an expert you will be given access to more opportunities, attract more clients and potentially even gain media profiling.  At its core this is about building a trusted reputation as someone who is not only well versed in their sector but also adaptable to changing social perspectives. Here are a few things to consider as you work towards becoming an expert in your field:

Social and commercial awareness – ensure that you read up on news outside of your area of knowledge, this might sound strange but it makes sense to keep on the pulse of social and business issues that, though might not immediately have an impact on your sector, still effect the audiences that you want to reach.

Consider your influence – as your name becomes more known in your sector and the wider world take the time to consider how you want to use your influence. The things you say leave “legacy imprints” so be mindful how what you want your legacy to be.

Social media – there is no escaping the impact and power of social media, take the time to review and assess how you are using social media and whether it is enhancing your reputation or damaging it.

Authenticity – being yourself wins every time, as the spotlight on you grows the easier it will be if you have been genuine throughout your journey. If you are wearing a mask or trying to be like someone else it is unsustainable and unhealthy in the long run.

Purpose over perfection – being seen as an expert should not become a burden of responsibility, if you find the pressure too overwhelming take a step back. You will make mistakes, if there’s something you do not know then take the time to learn about it or pass it on to someone more suited to that area of expertise.

This video will give you the courage you need to go out there and position yourself as an expert in your field which will give you more credibility as a business person and ultimately raise your brand visibility.

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Dress Like You Mean Business

Guest blog article By Samantha Clarke, Chief Creative Architect at Zukuri UnLtd

As a woman of success, are you dressing like a woman who really means what she

In an age when fancy terminology is used to describe all the things you do to be successful, all of that is meaningless without good old- fashioned authenticity and a knowledge of what makes YOU unique and the values you hold dear.

When you walk into a room your clothes do the talking for you before you have even opened your mouth. Therefore it is imperative that you give your personal brand ‘a clothing life of its own’. Develop your personal brand style to be unique to you and easily recognised and interpreted by others so your message really comes across. I believe as an entrepreneur, you are selling YOU. Before people even know they need your products or services, they need and want to be invested in you. So it’s important to identify what your clothes say about you and if they really mean what you say…..So just how do you do this?

 At Zukuri UnLtd, the first thing I ask clients to do is some soul searching and auditing. It’s really important to think about ‘What do you stand for,’ ‘what are your values’. The potency of this and how it can be illustrated in your dress is key to connecting with people. By being grounded in your own strong style foundations and principles- this will resonate with your clients/co-workers immediately and
remind individuals of your distinctiveness. It’s what I call building up your ‘style sleeve’ announcement.

Your ‘style sleeve’ announcement is 4 words/phrases that describe your core qualities and what you are about? So what are your best qualities that you want to wear on your ‘style sleeve’? How can you position your style and dress to speak your values?

 I had a client previously who struggled with how to communicate herself in her style. I asked her to really underpin who she was and what she actually want to express.

 Her Style Sleeve was:

·       Composed
She was self-assured, simplistic – she loved obedient clothes (she hated
fidgeting in clothes)

·       Loveable
– She was tactile, approachable
– translated into her love of soft joy filled clothes,

·       Feel-Good
She loved to make people smile/feel good – wanted her clothes to make her feel
good too – soft and smooth fabrics and textures like jersey, viscose, wools

·       The wink of the eye – She was that ‘quiet storm’, something you can’t quite put
your finger on.

The result is she knows exactly the types of clothes she’s drawn to now and why. It is aligned with how she runs her business and works with her clients and how she wants to come across to individuals.

 Once you identify the 4 words that speak your truth take those words to your wardrobe and start identifying what in your wardrobe really is aligned or out of sync. You will be surprise that perhaps that structured navy fitted blazer you have been trying to wear for years doesn’t work because it is jarring with your relaxed inner personal qualities. Or maybe you truly value compassion, strength and depth and
nothing you own speaks of this.

In a time of short attention spans and information overload take a moment to look at how you can VISUALLY sell yourself the way you do with your words in your marketing material. What are you offering in your business, what do you have to give?  Your dress and presentation is a snapshot to your character. Ground yourself and your dress in a place of authenticity. Create your style sleeve announcement and dress like you mean.

 Samantha Clarke is the Chief Creative Architect at Zukuri UnLtd helping female entrepreneurs get ‘visible’ in their business. She helps clients to stop shying away behind clothes that don’t reflect them; to get out there and show clients what they are made of! By helping clients know their style, cut the clutter from their wardrobes and shop smarter; she gives ladies the power to make their personal brand and style shine.

Why not take the Style Sleevequiz today and take the step towards identifying your core clothing personality and start dressing like you mean it today.