How Much More Motivation Do You Really Need?

Motivation, when harnessed correctly, can lead us into action. Motivation should be part of your regular routine – it is necessary to keep you uplifted but some of us get stuck on being motivated and do not move beyond the message. When I look at how many clients come to me for personal branding consultations, many know what they need to do to improve their personal brands but are simply not motivated. There comes a point when we need to ask ourselves the right questions. How many motivational books and quotes have you read? How many motivational conferences  and seminars do you attend? How many videos and podcasts do you listen to? I ask this not to say that you should stop being motivated but if you are not using the principles that you are learning to move forward what is the point? Some people are becoming stuck in the motivational cycle – constantly seeking the answer to the questions they already have the capability of answering for themselves. I have been inspired by so many great books like Richard Templar’s Rules of Life and inspirational business leaders like Oprah and Carla Harris, I have spent time listening to so many fantastic interviews and every time I am uplifted by their messages I do my best to activate the lessons from those messages. That is what I would like you to do – I would like you to start activating the lesson in every motivational message you hear/read/watch. Activating may not even mean doing something tangible in that moment it could be finding peace and joy at a time when you feel down and worried.  

In this video I ask you to think about how much more motivation you need and how you can move forward in the direction of your goals

How To Deal With Jealous People

As we go though the journey of life one of the greatest challenges that we are faced with is how to cope with situations surrounding jealousy. A follower asked me how we can deal with situations in which other people are jealous of our success (or what we perceive to be jealousy). This often arises when you are doing well in life, thriving and achieving certain goals that you have set and you notice that people are not responding with positive energy or not responding at all i.e. not celebrating with you as you rise. Hopefully most people are able to keep their jealousy under wraps without it having a negative impact on your relationship but once in a while they allow it to manifest through gossip and negative interactions.

In this video I provide some straightforward advice on how to deal with it! Jealousy is often a reflection of people’s insecurities and one of the worst things we can do is stay stuck on any thoughts or feelings associated with responding to jealous people. Jealousy stems from the mindset that there is not enough in the world for all of us to enjoy, once we realize that there is more than enough for us all share then the very essence of jealousy subsides.

The best thing that you can do is to continue to move forward. Watch this video and share your thoughts!

Watch my other video on how to cope with your own jealousy

5 Life Lessons From Lauryn Hill

I came across this video of Lauryn Hill by chance, a clip was shared on my PR instagram timeline and I had to stop, listen and re-share.

The clip had me wanting to know more and so I found the full interview on YouTube and what a delight it was. This 40 minute interview is not just another “PR” interview about an artist, it is rich in wisdom, truth and authenticity, the likes of which I have not seen in a very long time. It cemented my admiration for an amazing artist and a truly creative woman whose gifts and talents have been a blessing to us all but it also gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own life and how I see my achievements.  Being able to see yourself as more than what you do and what the world defines as success but to truly honour the multi-dimensional and multi-facted person you are supposed to be can be difficult but it is definitely worth it and this interview reminds us why.  There are so many take away moments that I could highlight in this Lauryn Hill but here are a few:

Put God first – silence your mind and your human desire to take over and take control of everything and allow God’s grace to work through you. Be humble to God’s favour, do not let fame or celebrity consume you to the point  that you lose your “why”.

Protect your energy – be aware of those you surround yourself with and how their energy has an impact on yours.

Put family first – the love of family and friends can be such great motivators and confidence builders.

Do everything from a place of truth – be willing to learn and open to opportunities, with all that in mind do the very best that you can with those opportunities. Explore new realms of opportunity and allow the love of all activities to guide you.

I hope you enjoy this interview and use the lessons that Ms Hill has shared here.