How to deal with the shame of public failure

When it comes to public failure one of the key feelings to address is that feeling of shame and embarrassment. I think it’s really important to allow ourselves to be compassionate and forgiving when we feel the shame of public failure. When you fail publicly it means that there are more eyes on you and there is obviously more pressure as more people are watching you; their expectations are high, the expectations that you have set for yourself are high but it’s important to remember that you tried. The very fact that you put your name on the line and put your brand out there means that you have taken a risk, a leap of faith so to speak and you’ve taken the courage to do something incredible. By creating something for public consumption whether it is a creative project; business product or service, you are opening up what you have to offer to the world. You can always learn from your mistakes and I don’t think failure should ever stop you from continuing to develop your craft/service and pursuing your goal. Public failure, like any type of failure, is an opportunity to learn and you shouldn’t let any sort of embarrassment stop you from moving closer to your ultimate goal and your dreams.

The majority of the people who you look up to, your role models, they have failed publicly many times, all businesses and people make mistakes sometimes. Failure is not something that we can get away from unless we want to trap ourselves in a cycle of perfectionism which can often stop us from sharing what we have to offer with the world. So if you are truly honest with yourself you have to ask yourself whether are you ready for your own breakthrough because with every breakthrough there is this likely to be some breakdowns and if you can cope with the breakdown and you can heal from the breakdown then you will come out greater, you can come out on the other side with a renewed sense of achievement and accomplishment. Do not let a public failure stop you from moving forward, take your time to heal from the upset and learn from the experience.

6 Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

We all make mistakes, in fact some would argue that mistakes are an inevitable part of business. If you try to be perfect all the time in business you will never take risks or take chances and taking risks is part of what it means to be an entrepreneur. However there are some straightforward mistakes that business owners make time and time again that they can avoid. These things may seem pretty obvious but some of these simple mistakes are blocking so many business owners and entrepreneurs from achieving great things in their businesses.

Mistakes are not here to break us so even if they happen in your business you do not need to get too attached to the disappointment or feel like a failure. Mistakes offer us an opportunity to learn and grow – sometimes we become so caught up in our own way of doing things that we do not take the time to assess where we went wrong when we make mistakes or indeed how we make mistakes in the first place. That is not to say that these mistakes will necessarily cause your business to unravel but sometimes these mistakes can have a negative impact on your reputation and lead to more problems in the future. This video looks at 6 of the most common mistakes that small business owners and entrepreneurs make.

Take the time to think about some mistakes that you have made in your own business. Could they have been avoided? What did you learn from those mistakes?