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What Does it Mean to be Black, British and Nigerian?

I am British and I am Nigerian – there is a complex duality of identity there which though quite simple to me is often under interrogation. In fact perhaps I have simplified for the purposes…

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How to Find Moments of Joy During Difficult Times

During difficult times like the one we are currently collectively facing in 2020 it can often feel hard to find moments of joy. We are faced with traumatic news updates that can often feel overwhelming.…

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How Much More Motivation Do You Really Need?

Motivation, when harnessed correctly, can lead us into action. Motivation should be part of your regular routine – it is necessary to keep you uplifted but some of us get stuck on being motivated and…

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She Owns Success: How To Build a Successful PR Business While Being Your Authentic Self

I was recently interviewed by Antonette Oloo for her podcast channel “She Owns Success” in which I spoke about my PR business journey and the lessons that I have learnt along the way. The interview…

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How To Start Your Own Business When it’s Hard with Paula Melissa

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Paula Melissa recently for her lifestyle blog. The blog was started when Paula decided she wanted to share her life and perspectives with the world. Her goal…

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Why Self Care is Important For Women in Business

What does self care look like to you? How do you make sure that you are looking after your soul and taking care of yourself in the midst of all your busyness. In the work…

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