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Has Black Excellence Become More of a Burden Than a Blessing?

I used to be an advocate of Black excellence, perhaps not an unwavering advocate but one who acknowledged it’s place in my life and my community. Black excellence to me was and still is an…

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What is the truth about entrepreneurship?

There is often a propensity to glamourise entrepreneurship. People have seen their favourite “celebrity entrepreneurs” who have risen up through the ranks (or more accurately more than a few of them have tapped into unlimited…

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Black Women Are Still Underpaid and Undervalued

August 3rd was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day and although it is a US based initiative it’s important for us to raise awareness about the pay gaps that persist for Black women on a global scale.…

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What Does it Mean to be Black, British and Nigerian?

I am British and I am Nigerian – there is a complex duality of identity there which though quite simple to me is often under interrogation. In fact perhaps I have simplified for the purposes…

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Why Black Women Should Not be Modest About Their Talents

Being born and raised in the UK, is to grow up in an environment that doesn’t like to see people show off.  British culture is very much rooted in humility and not making grand declarations…

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Let’s Talk Communications

I had the chance to have an insightful conversation and interview with Nana Darkoa, Founder of Makeda on the Let’s Talk Communications instagram live recently. We discussed the PR and communications sector and my business…

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