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Has Black Excellence Become More of a Burden Than a Blessing?

I used to be an advocate of Black excellence, perhaps not an unwavering advocate but one who acknowledged it’s place in my life and my community. Black excellence to me was and still is an…

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The Importance of Rest

Ever since I started my business years ago one of the main “motivational” messages that people kept repeating is the importance of work – hard work to be specific. I would hear various iterations of…

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Can You Really be Your Authentic Self at work?

Being yourself is one of the principle foundations of having a trustworthy and credible personal brand but how much of your authentic self can you really bring into professional and business spaces? Is it really…

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Black Women Are Still Underpaid and Undervalued

August 3rd was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day and although it is a US based initiative it’s important for us to raise awareness about the pay gaps that persist for Black women on a global scale.…

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The Importance of Amplifying Black Stories in British History

History in its purest form is about story-telling; accurate, fact based stories passed down through generations so that we may learn from those stories and grow. I see the importance and power of story telling…

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Why Black Women Should Not be Modest About Their Talents

Being born and raised in the UK, is to grow up in an environment that doesn’t like to see people show off.  British culture is very much rooted in humility and not making grand declarations…

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