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Stop Giving People Unsolicited Advice

If there’s one thing that irritates me very quickly about people it is the ability to give each other unsolicited advice.  People seem to think that no matter what you may or may not be…

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How To Apologize

When it comes to apologizing too many people still get it wrong – not just public figures but in every day professional and personal scenarios, people do not seem to know how to apologize properly.…

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The Importance of Rest

Ever since I started my business years ago one of the main “motivational” messages that people kept repeating is the importance of work – hard work to be specific. I would hear various iterations of…

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How To Deal With Time Wasters

I’ve been doing what I do for many years. Over the course of those years I’ve met and spoken to many people, I’ve read and written many emails, I’ve taken and received many phone calls. …

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How To Respond When Someone Asks to “Pick Your Brain”

Over the years I have had many requests to “pick my brain – from the reasonable to the utterly absurd and whilst some people are genuinely seeking advice with good intentions quite a few  people…

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Should You Ever Speak at Events for Free?

Public speaking is a fantastic way to raise your brand visibility and establish credibility as an expert/thought leader in your field however every so often a debate will spark up on one of my social…

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