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Has Black Excellence Become More of a Burden Than a Blessing?

I used to be an advocate of Black excellence, perhaps not an unwavering advocate but one who acknowledged it’s place in my life and my community. Black excellence to me was and still is an…

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Stop Giving People Unsolicited Advice

If there’s one thing that irritates me very quickly about people it is the ability to give each other unsolicited advice.  People seem to think that no matter what you may or may not be…

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What is the truth about entrepreneurship?

There is often a propensity to glamourise entrepreneurship. People have seen their favourite “celebrity entrepreneurs” who have risen up through the ranks (or more accurately more than a few of them have tapped into unlimited…

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Are Online Courses and Masterclasses Scams?

The online course and masterclass industrial complex has been something that I have observed for a while.  Whilst I cannot deny that there are valuable courses for entrepreneurs and business owners there are also quite…

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How To Apologize

When it comes to apologizing too many people still get it wrong – not just public figures but in every day professional and personal scenarios, people do not seem to know how to apologize properly.…

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The Importance of Rest

Ever since I started my business years ago one of the main “motivational” messages that people kept repeating is the importance of work – hard work to be specific. I would hear various iterations of…

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