Africa Means Business

This category features a range of thoughts and articles which reflects the African diaspora experience and what can be done to enhance African entrepreneurial activity.

This does not cover every single nation on the continent but it does its best to cover the over-arching themes and issues that many nations across Africa face.

Made in The Diaspora

If you don’t already know by now I absolutely love discussing pop culture and identity whilst integrating how PR is relevant across our day to day lives.  I was recently invited on to the #ColourOutTheBox podcast…

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What Does it Mean to be Black, British and Nigerian?

I am British and I am Nigerian – there is a complex duality of identity there which though quite simple to me is often under interrogation. In fact perhaps I have simplified for the purposes…

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Public Relations for Your Food Business on the Item 13 Podcast

I love food. To me, food is an expression of love, comfort, home, new experiences as well identity. Food was and still is a way of ensuring that culture is not forgotten and lost. Language…

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PR, Branding and Business Pitches at Africa Food Week London

Africa Food Week London, organised by esSense 13, was a week-long program celebrating African dining experiences in London. The week long program was held between March 20-24 and included a panel event, pop ups , mastermind…

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My Profile Interview in Vault Magazine

I enjoyed being interviewed by Editor in Chief of Vault Magazine, Cynthia Tabe, for Issue 5 of the magazine.  This particular issue is an important one as it focuses on business and is filled with stories…

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What Is The Role of PR Communications in Africa’s Development?

Africa is rising. Africa is corrupt. Africa needs help. Africa is at war. Africa is starving. Africa is rich. Read each of the statements and think about what they signify, how do they make you…

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