What is the truth about entrepreneurship?

There is often a propensity to glamourise entrepreneurship. People have seen their favourite “celebrity entrepreneurs” who have risen up through the ranks (or more accurately more than a few of them have tapped into unlimited privilege) – their “rags to riches” stories are celebrated as an example of the meritocracy that capitalism argues is accessible to all of us – if we just work harder… After all we can all be self-made if we really try right? There is often a debate on my twitter timeline about whether people should quit their 9-5 and become an entrepreneur because everyone should start a business of course.  Well no – not in my opinion – not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship, not for any elitist/exclusionary reason from my perspective but because it simply is not the path that would suit everyone.  But why am I saying this about a path I have been on for so many years? Surely entrepreneurship must be incredible if I have chosen to stick with it for so long? If entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone why are there so many masterclasses, courses, books and people trying to convince the masses that they should risk it all and start a business?


Look I have had an incredible experience as a business owner – I started Ariatu PR as an entrepreneurial endeavour, without a shadow of a doubt. I risked a lot of stability and security and it has had its ups and downs. I have faced overwhelming challenges and awesome breakthroughs and though it was the path for me it really isn’t the path for everyone.  It goes beyond hard work because to be honest hard work is not enough whether you’re in business or in a traditional career setting. It can be exhausting, lonely and sometimes even confusing but is it worth it? For me yes, but you maybe not. In this video I share some of my thoughts about entrepreneurship and what it is really like to be an entrepreneur.


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