Are Online Courses and Masterclasses Scams?

The online course and masterclass industrial complex has been something that I have observed for a while.  Whilst I cannot deny that there are valuable courses for entrepreneurs and business owners there are also quite a few which take advantage of entrepreneurs especially ones who are in the early stages of their journeys. My advice for entrepreneurs especially the new ones is be mindful of the number of masterclasses you sign up for which promise to teach you the keys to success. Your success comes from putting in the work, your consistency and focus. I personally do not think that you need to spend hundreds/ thousands of pounds to be told this. Spend your money on tangible skill building seminars and workshops, join credible business communities/associations. If you need a coach, identify one that suits your specific needs. Don’t fall into an endless cycle of masterclasses which are making the organisers richer and distracting you from doing the actual work of building your business. It’s fine to try one if you feel it might help but be guided and don’t be manipulated.

In this video I discuss the trend and popularity of online courses and masterclasses that can lead to new entrepreneurs becoming more committed to the act of learning than the act of doing. There are so many courses and masterclasses out there promising entrepreneurs the keys to success and yet unfortunately some of them are simply new age pyramid schemes. This piece on the popularity of online courses is worth reading. I’ve often thought that perhaps some people become hooked on the motivation & not the purpose of the message itself: ‘I’ve Spent £4,000 on Online Courses and I Still Feel Like a Fraud.’  Here’s another one These Women Paid An Instagram Influencer To Help Them Manifest Money. Now They’re Not Happy  and one more here. These are just a few and I am mindful of the fact that some people do not always share negative their experiences of online courses and masterclasses due to perhaps feeling embarassed. Again I am also not saying that all online courses and masterclasses are bad – what I am saying is that it is important to undertake due diligence before signing up to one of these courses/classes.

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