Made in The Diaspora

If you don’t already know by now I absolutely love discussing pop culture and identity whilst integrating how PR is relevant across our day to day lives.  I was recently invited on to the #ColourOutTheBox podcast to speak with host Mo, where we discussed creativity, life and culture based on our lived experiences as Black British-Nigerian women.

I had a chance to discuss dealing with a PR crisis, old tweets, how brands can overcome their mistakes and the right way to make a public apology (more than a few celebrities should be able to learn from this). We also touched on the recent Noel Clarke sexual harassment allegations in the media industry – it was an important topic which requires interrogation and sensitivity.

I really enjoyed our segment on Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscar Win and Diaspora Identity: Is his award a win for Black Brits or his home country of Uganda? Can we claim our parent’s country or are we just British? My answer should be obvious to anyone who follows me across any platform but tune into the podcast to listen to our conversation. By talking about this we also had a chance to unpack performative displays of culture in the diaspora and the importance of feeling comfortable and authentic.

We also had time to discuss The Dreaming Whilst Black BBC TV Show and web series, Black representation on UK TV & lessons learnt from Nollywood. I talk about Black representation on UK television a lot so it was great to be able to share my thoughts in audio and not just on my timeline:

Colour Out The Box is based in London, UK but the podcast gives a voice to people of the African and Afro Caribbean Diaspora to tell their stories and share their unique takes, all whilst navigating the complexities of modern life wherever they are based. Started as two friends who wanted to document their weekly conversations about their everyday lived experiences, the podcast has now grown into an online community, podcast and blog.


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