How To Overcome Perfectionism

Let me share something quite amusing regarding the irony of talking about perfectionism in this blog post and sharing this video. I filmed this outside on a gloriously sunny day, which anyone based in the UK knows is not something we tend to experience consistently. So upon seeing the sunshine I sat outside and filmed this video and as the rays of sun touched my skin I was feeling motivated and inspired, my creative juices were flowing. I checked the video on my phone and it looked good, I uploaded it for editing and that is when the issues linked to perfectionism started to arise. I noticed that the quality had reduced slightly, something I’ve had with other videos but with this one I wasn’t expecting it.  I “uhmmmed and ahhhed” because dear reader, the internet is not kind.  I have had many people messaging me about what they think I should be doing to improve my videos. I started looking at other channels and nearly caught myself in the comparison trap. Don’t get me wrong I know I can invest in a camera, better phone, or hire someone to film them but YouTube was designed to give us all back our power it was never meant to be for studio quality videos or TV production standard. As soon as I started to overthink this video I wasn’t going to post it even though I love my message, my energy and my hair!

So I had to listen to the message again and decided to post this anyway. Because perfectionism and the quest for constantly appearing to be perfect or getting things right will always block us from our final destiny. I decided to post this video because although I thought I had overcome most of my perfectionism traits and this video reminded me that I still have some unlearning to do.

In the meantime here are few active steps we can undertake to overcome perfectionism:

Be honest – I was honest by sharing my experience with you and I was honest within my video, that honesty enables us to overcome our need to constantly be perfect.

Face the fears – Perfectionism often is a sign that we are afraid to fail or we don’t want to face the idea and reality of failure, we use waiting for perfection to stop us from moving forward. We will make mistakes but those mistakes don’t define us.  Failing does not make you a failure, in fact it offers us a chance to learn and to grow.

Show ourselves compassion – Speaking from my own experience I have used perfectionism as a reason to undermine my own success. If things were not perfect then it meant I did not deserve to enjoy success, I allowed myself to be a self-critic or internalise external criticism in a way that limited the way I navigated certain spaces. I will continue to show myself compassion and hope that you will to as you let go of perfectionism.  I really enjoyed filming this video and even though it is not perfect I hope you will enjoy it too.


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