Focus on Your Purpose

I was recently invited onto The Destiny Creators podcast which is hosted by Annie A Gibbs and I took a deep dive into my experience of starting my business in my early twenties and how I grew, adapted and learnt from my experiences as a young entrepreneur. We discussed life lessons and the importance of mental health and well-being for entrepreneurs. According to a University of San Francisco study undertaken by Michael A Freeman at least half of all entrepreneurs suffer from a mental health condition throughout their lifetime.  I realised through the course of my own business career that though we are surrounded by positive affirmations and motivational soundbites (which I know are important to encourage and uplift founders) we do not speak about the challenges that we face enough, beyond overcoming financial challenges. I am really passionate about the importance of truth telling through our journeys as entrepreneurs and business owners and so in this conversation we spoke about coping mechanisms and the importance of self-care. I also spoke to my younger self:

Listen to my episode on spotify here.

Destiny Creators podcast series by Amour Destiné is a series which features open conversations with inspiring people, who are embracing their lives on various paths in life and doing what they love. Through sharing experiences and challenges, as well as thoughts on different topics ranging from business to entertainment, sex, religion, politics and all things about life as we know it the podcast aims to inspire listeners, to create their own destiny! I had a great time speaking to Annie and hopefully her listeners had a lot of takeaways from our conversation.

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