Being successful in my own right – The PR Hub Podcast

I was recently invited on to The PR Hub podcast, hosted by Adam Tuckwell and Jon Wilcox. PR Hub is a PR & marcoms podcast which spotlights special guests discussing the world of communications and the role it has to play across business and society as a whole.

In this episode I shared my business journey and how I became a “PR entrepreneur” – starting my PR consultancy with no agency experience and being successful in my own right. Although I always wanted to start a business as a child, PR was never really on the agenda for me when I first graduated from university, I actually wanted to be in Investment banking or advertising but had  never managed to enter those industries and had no idea how to break into those industries without following formal channels. Interestingly enough it took a while before I streamlined my business into a dedicated PR and Comms consultancy.  As a proud advocate for mentoring it was good to cover the importance of mentoring and I also addressed other ways to cultivate talent within the PR industry including sponsorship.  While I believe that mentoring works it is not enough when it comes to developing new talent unless institutional changes are made and environments of real inclusion are fostered.  We also talked about the ways in which the industry is falling short when it comes to diversity and inclusion and the very real issue of racism in PR. There are some great initiatives that exist in the industry to address ethnic diversity including; Ignite, Black women in PR, The UK Black Comms Network, BME PR Pros and The Blueprint but more needs to be done to address inequalities in the industry. It was refreshing to have such a frank and open conversation on this podcast – hopefully our discussion will motivate listeners and encourage those in the industry to actively seek change.

The PR Hub Podcast

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