The Rise of The Achiever – The Truth about Entrepreneurship

I was recently invited onto the Rise of The Achiever Podcast hosted by Robert Muruli. We recorded this podcast with a literal ocean between us as Robert is in the States and I’m based in the UK. Robert has a passion for telling unique individual stories from across the world through voices from the African diaspora and it was good to discuss some of the lessons I’ve learnt in business and in life as a whole.  One of my key takeaways from this conversation was the fact that I had so much youthful vigour when I first started my business. I had a hunger and a passion that did not take into consideration the very real barriers that I would face as a Black woman who grew up working class in the UK. I admit I was inspired and motivate not only by my environment but by the idea that you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it. Though there is some truth in this statement it doesn’t take into consideration external factors that are often out of our control – no amount of positive thinking or motivational quotes can dismantle structures that are set up to limit and discourage marginalised groups. So while I appreciate and honour my journey I am aware that entrepreneurship isn’t necessarily the fix all leveller that I grew up thinking it would be. But that makes my journey even more unique and hopefully more encouraging – my honesty serves to offer insights that are sometimes overlooked in the journey of success. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story:

Robert highlights stories of individuals from known and not-so-known backgrounds who are self made and who have built their path to achievement brick by brick. In this episode we spoke about the changing landscape of public relations and what businesses can do to stay relevant and stay mindful during a crisis.


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