Exploring Current Affairs through a PR Lens on the PR Bants Podcast

Finding opportunities to bring PR and current affairs together is something that I absolutely love to do.  The ability to assess and breakdown every day news and even pop culture from a public relations perspective is not only insightful but allows for deeper critical thinking. I recently joined Bieneosa and Paul of PR Bants on Episode 43 of their podcast. We had a great conversation which was not only challenging but allowed us to take a deep dive into some of the issues that were trending on our social media timelines at the time of recording.

The episode covered:

  • The leaked Labour Party report #LabourLeaks

  • How world leaders are responding to the coronavirus pandemic

  • Why Downing Street should open up press briefings to diverse media oulets

  • How to tackle 5G conspiracy theories and dealing with misinformation

  • Zoom’s security issues and the impact it’s having on the platform’s reputation

Bieneosa Ebite and Paul Nezandonyi both work in public relations and use the PR Bants podcast as an opportunity to explore current affairs through a PR lens with a bit of banter thrown in. Tweet @PRbants using the hashtag #PRbants

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