How to stay calm during a crisis

It’s natural to panic, worry or feel a range of emotions during an unexpected situation particularly during times of crisis. I believe that it’s important to recognise our emotions in order to find ways to deal with them and ultimately to heal. Finding calm during a crisis can be difficult but it is important to find a way to stay as calm as possible so that we can see things clearly. In the work I do dealing with crisis is something that I am used to however there is often an end in sight.  I filmed this video at a time when the world is collectively dealing with the global Coronavirus pandemic and it is far more uncertain than any of us have ever seen in our lifetimes.

There is a lot of news and information that though useful can be overwhelming and might not allow you to find a sense of calm.  The video hopefully offers some reassurance and useful tips in order to stay as calm as possible during a crisis. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed by the way you feel or even how you handle things. We all handle things very differently but finding peace and moments of calm can really help with our overall well-being and mental health.

Some of my tips in the video include:

  • Take the time to show yourself compassion and take it day by day.
  • Rest and recuperate regularly
  • Limit the amount of content you consume that causes you too much distress

I hope the video above helps and I hope you find coping mechanisms which enable to you to stay balanced during any time of crisis.

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