She’s The Boss: Real Stories from Women in Business from Across the UK

She’s the Boss is a YouTube series featuring women in business from across the country hosted by Daniella Genas. I had the pleasure of speaking to Daniella about my business journey and the realities of running a business. 

We also spent time talking about working class guilt which I rarely ever get the opportunity to discuss in business interviews because we’re often made to feel like we should focus on the future and the present not the past but my working class roots have shaped my reality. Even though I am no longer technically working class that doesn’t mean that it didn’t shape and mold me in good and bad ways which I have learn to overcome. We talked about seeing the positive in the words of naysayers and the idea that not everyone is a hater, sometimes they’re trying to offer us feedback but their delivery is poor or we just don’t want to hear it. Another element of the conversation that I particularly enjoyed was the the impact of stereotyping on confidence – how the concept of the impostor syndrome is often about environments which have been designed to keep women, particularly Black women, out of certain spaces and the impact of this on our confidence. I touched on what I did to build my confidence and the reality of the fact that it takes constant work and time to grow and develop real confidence, something which I have developed with age. Another important topic we touched on is pivoting from entrepreneurship to work and back and the importance of allowing people to pivot so that they are not trapped in situations out of fear or being perceived as a failure.

This was such a good interview and she’s the boss is a great concept for an online series.  I hope you find it useful and helpful in your business journey:



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