Why Mainstream Media Does Not Care about Your Feelings

My relationship with mainstream media is a complex and interesting one. On the one hand I must always stay plugged into what the mainstream media is covering in order to provide the best media relations service for my clients and on the other hand I am very conscious of the fact that mainstream media is not the only form of media that anyone should consume or prioritise. I have always been an advocate for niche and independent media outlets because they often provide some insight into issues that mainstream media doesn’t spotlight. One thing that has come to the forefront of discussions around mainstream media is the use of outrage and race-baiting to drive traffic and clicks, combined with the overwhelming nature of social media tribalism we are become hooked on outrage and the media is fanning the flames. The problem isn’t so much that the news is being reported or that bad things happen everyday but how the news is being reported and the impact it is having on our collective pysche – from how we digest information to how we rationalise the truth to who we vote for in elections. It is now more important than ever before for us to change our relationship with mainstream media, take the time to assess the impact media updates has on our lives and how we amplify stories and content that compounds the confusion and chaos of this tech driven information era.

I discussed the impact of mainstream media on the #YourBroccoliWeekly podcast along with other interesting and critical issues such as how Labour candidates have used their personal brands and the media as part of their campaigns and what social media trending topics like the book murderer say about us as individuals. 

Let us take the time to consider how we consume the media and what we can do to make our relationship with all types of media more effective and healthy. Even though this is called a post-truth age; we can still search for the truth in all things no matter how chaotic things become. 


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