Stepping out of your Comfort Zone as an Entrepreneur

AFFORD Business Club invited me to be part of their Global entrepreneurship week series of interviews in November 2019 and in this video I discuss the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone as an entrepreneur. Some of the key factors that I address are the importance of overcoming complacency, paying close attention to your goals and actively challenging yourself and your team. It is very easy to get stuck in our comfort zones especially when we are seen as experts in our fields and business leaders in our industries but it is always important to do the work to break out of that space.

The reason many entrepreneurs are happy to remain in their comfort zones is because they are in complete control of their environment and it is relatively stress free – I can speak from experience with Ariatu PR – I often know that it is time for me to move forward when I am not challenging myself or I feel fear holding me back. While a consistent level of success and overall performance is possible in the comfort zone there is very little room for growth.

Here are few steps to breaking out of your comfort zone and recognising what stage you are in your growth journey (some of which I touch on in the video):

Comfort – Safe, secure and familiar. We need to move into facing our fears if we are to break out of this zone.

Fear – If you are worried about what other people think of you, have a fear of failure, are lacking in confidence and finding excuses not to move forward then it’s time to do the work to overcome this fear.

Learning – learning something new and developing new skills, expand your comfort zone through improving your skills initially in your subject /business area and then challenging yourself to learn more or do something new and learning how to overcome challenges and deal with failure.

Growth – This is when you have truly stepped out of you comfort zone; you have found your purpose or redefined your purpose, you are setting goals and achieving them, you’re becoming more confident and stepping into a new phase in  your business.

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