Personal Branding and Crisis Management in a Digital World

I had a really great podcast conversation with Elizabeth Puddicombe on her Puds & Co podcast in this episode entitled “personal branding and crisis management in a digital world”. We discussed the importance of personal branding beyond the obvious principles that people often associate with personal branding and why it should matter to everyone not just entrepreneurs. I am passionate about empowering people with the knowledge that they need in order to strengthen their personal brands, I regularly work with clients on personal brand positioning and how they can improve their personal brands, so it was really good to be able to break down some of my key thoughts in this episode. We also discussed crisis management and the impact that social media has had on how small businesses and start ups should view a crisis. Crisis management is not just for big businesses but unfortunately too often start up entrepreneurs do not factor in the need for crisis comms preparation until it’s too late. What I particularly enjoyed about recording the Puds & Co podcast was Elizabeth’s passion and enthusiasm, it did not feel like we were discussing “work” at all, she really brought this conversation to life. We used some great case study examples which hopefully made this episode not only useful but informative. Make sure you download and tune in.

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