5 Podcast Interviews That Every Black Woman Should Listen to Today

Podcasts are a great new media platform and can be a really good way to take a deep dive into conversations which not only entertain us but inspire, educate and encourage us. They are also a great personal branding tool and offer a new way to build relationships with target audiences and establish reputations.  I have taken the time to select 5 podcast interviews that feature conversations with successful and inspirational Black women and professionals who are great role models overall but particularly for Black girls and Black women. I have selected episodes that discuss career journeys, family life, marriage, ambition, mental health, spirituality  and more to highlight the real world experiences of these women beyond necessarily just making money or getting a promotion. I hope you find these interviews as insightful as I did. 

Yvette Noel-Schure is known around the world as Beyonce’s publicist and although this is amazing there is so much more to learn from her career and business journey. What I enjoyed about this in particular is Yvette’s passion for life as a whole and also the way she discusses her Caribbean identity and heritage life in Grenada.  She also highlights in the importance of maintaining a healthy personal life as part of self care ensuring that she stays true to who she really is. 

I really enjoyed this podcast episode on Death, Sex & Money: Tayari Jones & Carrie Mae Weems: What’s It Like Up There? Tayari and Carrie have an honest and open conversation about success, marriage, relationships and ambition in a way that I think many Black women will relate to.

This episode of the I Said What I Said Podcast  features Bose Ogulu who is more widely known as “Mama Burna” (Burna Boy’s mother) about her life before the spotlight, her style of parenting and raising an African superstar, Pan Africanism and so much more. She is a truly an inspirational woman and this podcast interview really does a great job of unpacking how incredibly fascinating her life is.

In this How I Built This episode Janice Bryant Howroyd, Co-Founder of ActOne discusses her business journey which took her from her original start up in the 1970s to becoming the first African-American woman to own a billion-dollar business. Her honesty and down to earth nature make this such a great episode with a lot to learn from.

“When one door slams in your face, become a Global Head of Comms!” This is a very good podcast episode hosted by Jacqueline Shepherd’s podcast featuring Andrea Gordon, Global Head of Comms. for Travelex. They discuss the ‘Glass Cliff’ where women are placed in leadership roles, during times of crisis/downturn, when the chance of failure is highest, Andrea’s experience as a Black woman in Communications and overcoming set backs. and being honest and open enough to discuss these challenges and breakthroughs. There are some very good takeaway lessons here, listen and enjoy!  

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