How to Negotiate Effectively

The process of negotiation is undertaken when people have to come together to either settle differences or come to an agreement. The art of negotiation is crucial in business as well as in professional spaces in life overall and it taps into our inner leadership skills that we often overlook due to fear or doubt. Quite often negotiations in business or work revolve around money and with the right tactics they should not involve conflict or misunderstandings. When you learn to negotiate effectively you can get exactly what you want without feeling like you have been taken for granted of and the other party can hopefully recognise your value throughout the process. In this video I go through some of the key things to remember when you’re negotiating anything from a project fee to a pay rise.

Key things to remember when it comes to negotiating:

  • Effective negotiation is about communication – you have to be able to articulate what it is that you want and communicate in a way that makes it clear to yourself and the other party. Good communication also helps you connect on a personal level and ensures that the relationship that you have with the other party is maintained. 
  • Be confident – this is often easier said than done but you have to work on your confidence, if you are not confident about what it is you are negotiating for you are unlikely to succeed in getting what you want.
  • Do your research – knowledge is power, the more you know about who you’re negotiating with and specifically what it is you are negotiating for the more likely you are to present a good argument (remember the goal is not to end up in conflict but to present the reasons why you deserve what it is you are asking for).
  • Take no for an answer but don’t give up – what does this mean? It means you will face rejections and push backs but if you are strategic and take your time you can find ways of turning your situation around. Even if you initially don’t get what you want, learn from the process and figure out what you can do better in future negotiations. 

More tactics and advice are in the video which I hope you find. useful.


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