How to Maintain Good Relationships in Business

Relationships are at the core of PR; an understanding of the power of relationships, how we communicate in those relationships and the impact that they can have on reputations can make the difference between how people in business see each other and ultimately how they recommend or work with each other.  Cultivating good business relationships will ensure that you have brand ambassadors who value your skills and gifts. How do you develop the kinds of business relationships where people not only respect you and admire you but pinpoint valuable opportunities that can lead to growth in your business? This video helps you to understand how you can strengthen your reputation within your business networks.

I break down the importance of personal branding, you have to focus initially on who you are in order to understand where you want to go in your business. You have to identify what you want and use your strengths and networking skills to build relationships that will get you to where you want to go in life. By building the right relationships, for the right reasons and by maintaining authentic, intentional and purposeful communication within those relationships you can go so much further within your business. I also touch on energy in this video because I truly believe that the flow of energy within those relationships should be genuine; give as much as you receive, don’t become a taker or user, build trust. Reciprocity matters when it comes to building relationships which is something that is sometimes overlooked.  Build relationships that add value to all involved, relationships that enrich spaces not as a means to stroke egos stand the test of time. Also remember to compartmentalise your relationships, of course you can become friends with the people you do business with or who are in your network but your primary goal isn’t necessarily about building the types of friendships you may already have in your private life.  


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