Do You Really Have Haters or Do You Just Need Constant Validation?

Haters is a popular term used to describe people who are not supportive or not encouraging. It also gets used quite a lot to label people who don’t agree with what a person does. Whilst there are people who don’t want to see you win there are also many people who simply don’t care or in fact are offering valid feedback but because people don’t want to accept their points they label them as haters.

I used the term when I was younger and still do sometimes colloquially, usually as a joke but I don’t spend too much time thinking about whether I have haters or not. In fact the only people who I feel have a valid right to highlight the fact that they have haters are 90s rappers and reality TV stars. There will always be people who don’t like you or like what you do, that is life, calling them haters doesn’t change that fact and quite often it leads to a barrier of communication. What if the people who are being labeled as haters have a point, what if there is something that could be improved in whatever area of business you’re operating in.

Do you really have haters or are you simply seeking constant validation from everyone? Not everyone is your customer, not everyone can validate your business idea. The right people will obviously be your customers and offer you the support you need, that might actually include having to hear negative feedback in order to grow. If there are people who are intentionally trying to ruin your business then there are appropriate steps you can take to protect yourself and if there are people who just don’t like or want what you have to offer that is their right. In business in particular, I cringe when I see founders/CEOs address their critics as “haters” publicly, to me that shows that the individual in question has taken a business interaction personally and can really damage their reputation in the long run. Your fixation on your “haters” (depending on how you define them) is a sign that perhaps you’re more concerned about the views of non-essential entities rather than the views of your customers and target market. Because if you choose to call people who choose not to buy from you a hater then perhaps you should not be in business.

In this video I address this concept and how/why we really should let it go.


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