Being Busy Vs Being Productive

Being busy and being productive are not necessarily the same thing! With the sometimes overwhelming prominence of the digital space it seems as if there’s even more pressure to appear to be busy. It’s as if looking busy and being busy are some kinds of measures and markers for success and I just wanted to look at the difference between being busy and being productive. If we do not manage our time effectively we can look busy but it doesn’t mean we actually have good outcomes or that we are actually achieving our goals.

Being Busy vs Being Productive

It is so important to monitor how we are using our time and balance this with how we are using our skills.  If you’re using your time to the best of its ability you can be productive without necessarily being consumed by “busyness”.  Perhaps it is the socially accepted acknowledgment and appearance of being busy which gives the perception of success but quite honestly being too busy too often without being productive can lead to stress and anxiety. It is really important for use to evaluate our processes and our outcomes make sure we understand the difference between being busy and being productive. Of course there will be times when there is literally a lot going on in your life and so of course you will physically have to be busy but it we must always make sure that we know when to get let go of the idea that being busy is the same as being productive.


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