How Much More Motivation Do You Really Need?

Motivation, when harnessed correctly, can lead us into action. Motivation should be part of your regular routine – it is necessary to keep you uplifted but some of us get stuck on being motivated and do not move beyond the message. When I look at how many clients come to me for personal branding consultations, many know what they need to do to improve their personal brands but are simply not motivated. There comes a point when we need to ask ourselves the right questions. How many motivational books and quotes have you read? How many motivational conferences  and seminars do you attend? How many videos and podcasts do you listen to? I ask this not to say that you should stop being motivated but if you are not using the principles that you are learning to move forward what is the point? Some people are becoming stuck in the motivational cycle – constantly seeking the answer to the questions they already have the capability of answering for themselves. I have been inspired by so many great books like Richard Templar’s Rules of Life and inspirational business leaders like Oprah and Carla Harris, I have spent time listening to so many fantastic interviews and every time I am uplifted by their messages I do my best to activate the lessons from those messages. That is what I would like you to do – I would like you to start activating the lesson in every motivational message you hear/read/watch. Activating may not even mean doing something tangible in that moment it could be finding peace and joy at a time when you feel down and worried.  

In this video I ask you to think about how much more motivation you need and how you can move forward in the direction of your goals

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