The Difference Between Criticism and Feedback

We all experience criticism and feedback with regards to the work we do, the way we behave and the services/products we provide. This aspect of communication is not always something that people want to face but it is a reality of life, especially in business and in work. One of the major causes of tension or discomfort arises when we don’t understand the distinction between criticism (some of which can be constructive) and feedback which can come in positive and negative forms. The discomfort arises when people criticise you in a way  that you might not like or even appreciate and you sometimes internalise or react to particularly because whilst you often ask for feedback you rarely ask for criticism. Feedback can be used to learn and to grow however criticism is often much more challenging to accept.  It is an important part of the reputational journey – your ability to adapt and learn from feedback can have a long term positive effect on your brand; be it personal, business or professional.

In this video I highlight why that is the case and what the core differences between criticism and feedback are:

If you do receive criticism that you don’t like the sound of here a couple of tips to avoid internalising it in a way that holds you back:

  • Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own tastes, not everyone is going to like what you have to offer no matter how “perfect” you think it is.
  • Be discerning in how you accept critique – some people are biased for whatever reason so its not always about you.
  • Develop a thick skin – there might be something to learn from the criticism or it simply is coming from a hateful place regardless you have to develop coping mechanisms to ensure that you keep moving forward and growing.

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