3 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Bio

A bio (biography) provides an in-depth insight into an individual’s life. For the purposes of business or work a professional bio is an extremely useful summary of a person’s accomplishments to date. It is not simply a list of what a person has done, it illustrates a person’s legacy and impact on the experiences that they have been through.  In business a Founder’s bio is an important and powerful means of showcasing the skills and talents of a business owner/entrepreneur and is a useful tool when undertaking PR.  Bios are useful in the digital space on business websites and Linkedin profiles but there are other reasons why everyone should spend time creating a bio.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Bio

Media profiling: Business bios are exceptionally useful for journalists and other media professionals to use when profiling a business and professional. Aside from adding credibility to the business in the eyes of the press, bios are used by the media when they are looking for experts to speak on certain subjects and are a useful resource when asserting expertise. Bios are really important parts of your press kits overall so make sure that you have one ready when you are undertaking any form of media relations or are an active brand ambassador your organisation and conduct public speaking.

Personal Branding: Writing a professional bio should be one of the key activities any individual undertakes when focusing on their personal brand. It provides clarity and focus in identifying who you are and what you do and can enable you to filter through anything that no longer serves a purpose in your journey.  It enhances your credility and strengthens your reputation (please keep in mind that your bio is only an indication of what you can do, you still need to live up to the expectations that you set out in your bio).

Differentiation: You should already have a strong personal brand at this stage or are at least working towards having one. Use a professional bio to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from others in your industry. Most of us are doing something that someone else is already doing but what makes whatever you are doing different is YOU and your story. If you are able to stand out from the competition with a compelling bio you are more likely to attract new opportunities, customers and clients.

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