Why consistency is the secret to success

What is the Secret to success?  This seems to be a question that people are constantly searching for the answer to. When people look at stories of success they often look at the having the dream, focusing on their passion and working towards it. The missing factor here is working towards that dream with consistency. The secret to success goes beyond having an idea and a vision for your life and for your business or profession, the secret to success at its core is doing the work to get there. This means showing up, seeking out opportunities, doing the ACTUAL work, meeting the right people and being open to what it is you really want. Too many people start something enthusiastically but lose interest when they are not seeing the breakthroughs that they want in the timeframe that they set. Remember that success takes time, many of your favourite success stories took many years to get to the stage of celebration that you are seeing now. Many of your role models had to fail many times, face rejections and deal with delays in their progress. Once you have identified the purpose of your life and your intentions you have to stay on track by remaining focused on your core goals. Your consistency is one of the principle foundations to your reputation and it can have a real impact on your personal brand and how people in your network see you. If you aren’t consistent how can people trust that you will do what you say you will do. If you give up when it starts to look boring or you isn’t quite as fun as you initially thought it would be who is to blame for your lack of progress?

In this video I share why it is so important to undertake work consistently and keep working even when it starts to lose its shine!

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