Doing Boring Things Now Can Lead to Great Things Later!

Quite often when people are working towards their goals they take shortcuts for a number of reasons but one of them is based on their own boredom with the hard work that it takes to get to success. We all want everyday to be fun and games, particularly when we are working towards are goals in business and in life. Whilst passion and satisfaction are the overall aims in terms of how we feel about what we do, it is unrealistic to expect every single day to be fun. There will be days in business and in life when you have to attend a meeting, read a book, having a conversation, even meet a person, send an email that just is not particularly interesting but you have to remember that sometimes we have to do the boring things now to get great things later. I remember once someone was trying to tease me in secondary school because I always completed my homework on time (the very basic requirement of attending school but anyway) and before I had the chance to respond the teacher replied “Well she might be doing what you think is boring now but she will be rewarded for it all later.” That teacher was absolutely right! Doing the work always leads to great rewards – and do not get me wrong I know that in this world of opportunity and privilege there will always be shortcuts, but if you can at least back everything up with consistent effort then your success will last much longer.

In this video I share why it is so important to undertake work consistently and keep working even when it starts to lose its shine!


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