Failing Does Not Make You a Failure

Failure is one of the most terrifying experiences that many of us are faced with. In fact quite often it is not even the actual failure itself but the very idea of failure and the fear of failure which can stop people from going for their goals and dreams. Failing at something that you have set your heart on can really knock your confidence. It is natural to feel disheartened, disappointed and let down but the key is to not stay down once you have been knocked down by failure. Remember that in life it is not what has happened to us that can cause us to rise or fall but how we REACT to what happens to us.

Failing Does Not Make You a Failure

So take a moment to really look at how you react to failure. How do you deal with failure when it happens in your life? What are you coping mechanisms? More often than not, failing at something can fool us into believing that we are in fact failures, one could go as far as saying that it fools us into believing that we are worthless and that we do not deserve all the great things that we set our minds and hearts on. This is the mindset trap of failure and it is a trap that we must do everything we can to escape from. I know that it is not always easy but you have to do the work, you have to be willing to face the reality of life and realise that there will be times when you fail but those failures do not define you. You have a choice when you fail at something, you can give up or you can learn to move forward with lessons learnt and a new attitude to make your goals a reality. The question is are you ready to do the work or will you let every failure keep you down? Watch this video and hopefully you will be able to answer this question.

This video was made to encourage anyone who is struggling with overcoming failure or simply so afraid to fail that you are not moving forward.


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