Career College Profile: 10 Tips to Making it in PR

I was recently profiled by the Student Nannies website founded by Tracey Blake in which I provide my top tips to make it in public relations.  Student Nannies connects local students and families to offer a smart solution to term-time and school holiday childcare and is a great way for students looking for flexible work and gain a career mentor.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

What is the best bit of career advice you ever received?


This sounds like common sense but it’s deeper than that – you have to be willing to do the work even when it becomes difficult. I’m not saying do the work when it no longer fulfills you or if it stresses you out and is having a negative impact on you. What I am saying is that even the very career that you love can sometimes have boring days, if you really want to flourish then work through the boring days! Just do the work!  

Read the full interview profile here:

10 tips to making it in PR


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