How To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is an enemy of progress. We’ve all done it at least once in our lives but for some people it becomes more than just an occasional issue, it becomes a habit, a habit which leads to a lack of progress.

When you find yourself procrastinating you have to ask yourself some key questions:

What are you hiding from?  Sometimes procrastination is a way of hiding from what we need to do, to get us to where we need to get to. If we keep putting off what needs to be done we can justify our lack of progress and stay stuck in our stories. There is an emotional factor at play which you may very well need to heal from, it is not just a case of being “lazy” or “unproductive” it is more than that and you have to look at what that could be. We enable ourselves not to achieve our goals if we keep putting off the work we need to do, and so again I ask what are you hiding from? You might need to do some work to unpack what your blocks are so consider getting yourself a coach or even seeking appropriate therapy.

What will happen if you do complete that task that you are putting off? Some people love to look busy, in fact the very feeling of being busy makes them feel as if they have a purpose when the truth is being busy doesn’t mean that you are necessarily productive. If you complete that task will you feel accomplished and give yourself credit or will you look for more work to put off and thus fill the void?

Are you being realistic? There are some things that you are putting off because you’re not be the best person to undertake them. You’re avoiding the task because you don’t have the skills or you need to do some learning to undertake them. Take the time to consider upskilling or ask for help when you can. If you are in business have you considered outsourcing some tasks? If you do not have the budget then take it step by step but TAKE those steps. You have to find ways to overcome procrastination and get moving.

These questions are designed to give you some food for thought but I don’t want you to create a new story with them; by that I mean you are allowed to be flexible and even emotional through this process you are not being judged. Changing our habits is not easy but if we can change them they can lead to good things happening in your like. The video above offers some straightforward advice on how you can stop procrastinating.

Take the time to learn what keeps you stuck and come to terms with how you can move forward – you will resist, that is natural, you will go back to old habits but the key here is to take things step by step and to be kind to yourself.

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