How to Develop the Confidence to Sell

On April 19th 2018 I was invited to speak at The Confidence to Sell event hosted by Executive Coach, Jenny Garrett sponsored by Sage UK  and hosted at RBS. The event was designed for Women in Business who want the confidence to sell themselves, their products and services wholeheartedly. Women in business and in their careers often work hard, only for colleagues to be given the opportunities that have their name on them, because they appear more confident or are better at selling themselves. There so many women have amazing products and services that no one hears about, because they don’t have the confidence to tell people about them. In PR I find this to ring true as many potential customers are reluctant to be the face of their brands because of a lack of confidence. I was on the panel with Valerie Milone and  Chris Kettle which was chaired by Jenny Garrett. We shared our experience of how to sell authentically and how we found the confidence to do so throughout the course of our business and career journeys.  It was a fantastic event with an completely engaged audience who had the intention to make a difference.

The key takeaways from event were:

  • Reduce the negative self talk
  • Be courageous
  • Look at your intention behind every action
  • Network and build relationships
  • Don’t allow societal barriers stop you from succeeding

I received these kind words from one of the delegates of the event:

‘I particularly found Ronke Lawal’s insights enlightening as she was really able to articulate how and why she did things. I enjoyed her frank analysis of class and gender issues and the cultural comparisons between here and the US.’

Images by Jampond Photography.


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