Is Stella McCartney Guilty of Cultural Appropriation?

In Stella McCartney’s 2017 Paris Fashion Week runway show, her SS18 collection featured a range of garments which utilised wax print/ankara material normally associated with African fashion and often called African print. Many people were offended/outraged, accusing Stella McCartney of cultural appropriation for using the material and for the fact that there was a serious lack of ethnic diversity among the models that were selected to wear the garments. There were numerous features online which highlighted this outrage and whilst it caused a stir, I can’t say that it was a PR crisis for the very fact that this year the collection was launched in stores.  Lack of inclusion in fashion is a serious problem and so any outrage concerning that was most certainly justified, however with regards to cultural appropriation that is another issue entirely.  Watch my #TalkTimeWithRonke video to find out my thoughts – feel free to share your thoughts too.

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