Why you need to stop doing everything yourself if you want to be successful

This is some business advice for those of you who keep trying to do EVERYTHING yourselves in business.
If you want to grow you need to be willing to outsource, you have to be willing to invest and spend money.
Your business cannot survive if you’re doing every single thing within your business, you need to let go if you want to grow, you have to stop doing everything yourself if you really want to thrive. This means hiring people who can help you to do the work you can’t do so that you can do more of the work that will grow your business. Even if you CAN do the work why would you want to spend every moment of your time working on the micro elements of your business when your skills and talents give you scope to do so much more!

I understand that financial limitations might be stopping you but that is why planning and goal setting is important. You can start to do the research to find service providers within your budget and take it from there. Far too many business owners struggle with letting go when it comes to growing their businesses. For example when it comes to hiring staff, the issue of mistrust and knowing what’s best comes up a lot but without a willingness to give new talent a chance business owners can work themselves into exhaustion or miss out on new opportunities to grow. In this video I discuss why it is important to let go if you want to grow in your business.

I made another video in 2022 on why more of us need to start asking for help when we need it. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness it is actually empowering and we need to find ways to overcome our resistance to asking for help.

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