How To Overcome The Impostor Syndrome

In this video I provide some tips and advice on how to overcome the impostor syndrome, something that hold people back from being their best in all situations. It is a feeling that you are not worthy of being in a certain environment based on your perceived inadequacies or lack of ability when in fact quite often you are more than adequate and more than able. It is a mindset trap that can block progress and stifle confidence and it is so important to find ways to overcome it. If you are good at what you do and you are placed in environments to showcase that brilliance then it is important to believe in yourself and work on your confidence. There is one clear caveat to this though; there are spaces and places that make an effort to make you feel like an impostor so that you do not fit in because they want to maintain the structure of operation as it stands. Allowing the impostor syndrome to “win” maintains the status quo. There are quite a few impostors who are given power to thrive and lead in spaces that make them feel safe because those spaces are designed for them to do well even when they’re not “the best”. Whilst those with the capabilities and the strengths to do well are made to feel like impostors because they look/sound different or come from different social backgrounds and classes. Keep this in mind when you are working the issues I mention in this video:


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