How To Start Your Own Business When it’s Hard with Paula Melissa

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Paula Melissa recently for her lifestyle blog. The blog was started when Paula decided she wanted to share her life and perspectives with the world. Her goal and general vision is to find inspiration and to inspire other people with her words and lifestyle. I appreciate the opportunity to share my business journey and experiences with her readers.

Here is a snippet from the piece:


Deciding to leave a stable 9-5 job for your 5-9 (also known as your side hustle) sounds great in theory but do not confuse belief and excitement for your brand, product or service for pure foolishness. In our capitalist society, you need money to exist.

That being said, there are a lot of ways you can start an enterprise with limited resources:

  • Consider crowdsourcing
  • Consider sponsorship from venture capitalists
  • Using free webinar platforms to build a clientele
  • Monetise videos on YouTube or add ads to your site
  • Start somewhere or with someone who will pay for what you do
  • Use social media to shout about your product or service.

Ronke, who has an active following on LinkedIn and YouTube primarily as well as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, is a huge fan of the power of social media, especially for businesses and brands.

She said: “I can use the tools of social media as well as traditional PR skills. My use of Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with brands and clients is significant.

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How to Start your own business when it's hard

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