Why Undertaking a Life Detox is Important for Your Progress

Eloise Ambursley

Detoxes are not only useful when it comes to healthy eating, they are also useful in our social, business and personal lives as a whole. By definition a detox or detoxification is a means of treatment which aims to rid the body of “toxins” – accumulated substances that may have undesirable short-term or long-term effects on an individual’s health and life. Read that sentence again and think about how often you take the time to get rid of all the toxic and unhealthy aspects of your life.

  • Do you have bad habits that are blocking you from your progress?
  • Is procrastination something that you can’t shake?
  • Is your social network helping you to build up your emotional and spiritual reserves?
  • Are you undertaking activities that not only fulfill you but also lead you closer to your purpose?
  • Do those you surround yourself empower you and do you empower them?

There are times when I forget to undertake a life detox and notice that I feel blocked in my business and in my life as whole. It is particularly important to undertake this activity in an industry like PR because there is a constant flow of ever-changing information and not having the ability to keep track can cause communication breakdowns and low motivation.  Undertaking a life detox is an essential way of ensuring that you are living your life intentionally and with purpose.

Why it is important to undertake a life detox:

It encourages you to move away from your comfort zone and out of spaces that you have been attached to in safety but which no longer serves to enhance your life, in fact those comfort zones often cause detrimental habits to form. The only real way to move forward in life is to step out even when we feel that fear, quite often the discomfort can take use to our next major breakthrough but our fear of being uncomfortable forces us to stay in spaces that do not allow us to grow.

A life detox allows you to clear out any of the negative/toxic people in your life, the confidence killers who do not want you to progress beyond a certain point. Be clear about who you spend your time with, how you feel when you are around them, what impact the relationship has on your life. You deserve the right to step away from toxic people even if you have known them for years but remember there is a difference between toxic individuals and individuals who tell you the truth (sometimes we cut people off not because they are bad for us but because their honesty makes us feel bad for not wanting to change).

A life detox keeps you from running away from your truth. Doing a detox does not mean that we should cut out things simply because we do not want to face up to ourselves, a detox should actually make us see ourselves much more clearly and that means seeing the good AND the bad parts of ourselves. Without understanding all areas of ourselves we can not move forward and flourish.

Hopefully undertaking a life detox will give you the capacity to make progress in your life and to grow in new and more dynamic ways. Be courageous!


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