How to Use Dating Principles For PR Success

Public Relations at its core is all about relationships and how to maintain quality relationships between a brand/business and their target audience. This is why communication is central to PR success; wherever there are strong communications there are strong relationships. Using the right words in the right way can influence an audience and make them fall in love with your brand, become loyal to it and forgive it when it makes a mistake. I thought it would be interesting to use some dating principles to illustrate how brands can drive forward their PR success.

In summary here a few of the key principles

Preparation – PR planning and strategic planning are essential, much like when you’re going on a date you have to be prepared for anything!

Being ready – Build confidence in your brand so that your audience can trust you in the same way that you would build confidence on a first date.

Be authentic  – when it comes to media relations and brand representation authenticity always wins. Be honest with your target audience.

This fun but functional video will give you some key dating principles which you can use to enhance your PR success in business or for your personal brand. It’s a fun way to look at a strategic vision for raising brand visibility. The principles are straightforward but if used strategically they can really make an impact.

If you’re feeling bold you can use them for your real life dating experiences too of course!

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