How to Purposefully Pursue Your Passion

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at the Pursue Your Passion #PYPNextChapter event in September 2017. I was invited to speak about my PR business and career journey, sharing my story and how I got into PR.

The #PYPNextChapter event was designed for college & university students and postgraduates to feel equipped and ready for the next steps they want to achieve in order to get closer to pursuing their passions purposefully! Pursue Your Passion is a careers and mentoring scheme helping secondary school, college, sixth form, university students and graduates to chase their dream careers within several sectors.

I had fun facilitating a PR workshop activity, The “TRUE OR FALSE” Game in which I made 10 statements relating to public relations and delegates had the chance to state whether they thought the statements were true or false.

The day also included some really amazing panellists from a range of different sectors.

As I was listening to the panel I really wished that there were more events like this when I was going through school, college and university.

The main lessons from the event that would enable anyone to purposefully pursue their passion:

  • To be bold and build your confidence
  • Grades are NOT the only thing that students (anyone) should focus on
  • It’s OK not to be perfect as long as you have the passion to succeed
  • It is OK to redirect your path along the way towards your journey to success
  • Networking is essential
  • Be dynamic – try new ways to harness your skills; start a blog, business, use social media
  • Work on your personal brand – stand out from the crowd and be willing to learn

The 2 phenomenal women behind this initiative, Hannah and Rachel, have poured so much energy and passion into this project.

Hannah and Rachel

Hannah and Rachel launched PYP in 2015 with a simple mission; to help and mentor those who are unsure of their careers or future paths, there is an emphasis on the importance of chasing your passion. Pursue Your Passion encourages all with a vision that regardless of your background, age, and abilities; you are still able and entitled to your desired career path. Schools, colleges and universities across the country should support Pursue Your Passion as part of their careers programmes. I hope that they continue to succeed and that more students/postgraduates have the opportunity to experience this initiative.
Twitter: @pursueypassion
Instagram: @pursueypassion

Photography by Paula Melissa Ugochukwu


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