How to stop being jealous of other people’s success

Are you jealous of other people’s success? Do you find yourself looking at the accomplishments of others and feeling pangs of jealousy and envy?Does their success somehow make you feel uncomfortable? Does other people’s progress make you feel like a failure. Sometimes in business and in life as a whole we can end up being distracted by the progress of others and sometimes those distractions lead to jealousy.  I think it is part of human nature, and sometimes those feelings of jealousy or envy can creep up on us but we have to learn how to deal with them without allowing them to turn into feelings of resentment. One question that you should consider asking when you start feeling jealous is WHY are you jealous? Are you being genuine about your steps to success? What purpose does your jealousy serve? Perhaps you are spending so much time comparing yourself to everyone else that you are forgetting to focus on your own success. Jealousy is a complete waste of energy but if you can recognise those feelings then perhaps you can redirect your energy into actual progress. Change your mindset and transform those feelings into business success.  Your jealousy might be stopping you from strengthening your network or building a relationship that could take you to the next level.  It take a lot of self awareness to recognise feelings of jealousy hopefully by watching my video you can make a transformation and become more honest with yourself.


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