How to Use Awards to Boost Brand Visibility

How To Use Awards To Boost Brand Visibility

Being nominated for and hopefully winning an award can be great for your business or personal brand. Not only do they emphasize credibility but they offer an opportunity for you to take stock and celebrate your achievements or the achievements of your team. Awards can be a great part of the overall PR mix but more often than not people miss out on the opportunity to use an awards nomination to boost brand visibility.

A word of caution however, there seems to be plenty of awards out there, all with a variety of core visions and principles. It can become difficult to know which awards to go for in the midst of so many options but I would recommend that you assess the awards history and consistency. Just because you have been nominated, it doesn’t mean that you have to promote the nomination nor should you be pressured into paying for any tickets or tables for an awards that you or your business has been nominated for. Take the time to measure whether the awards match your core ethos and what the purpose of the awards will be on your long term brand vision, always think purpose over ego when it comes to awards. There is no point in winning hundreds of awards if the awards do not lead to new opportunities for growth. Once you have made that clear then go on and spread the word!

Here are a few ways that you can use awards to boost your brand visibility.

Media exposure: A press announcement of an award nomination/win within local or industry press can be a great way of raising brand visibility. Not only does it enhance credibility but it can be an inspirational good news story, motivating individuals in your sector to work harder or keep going. Overall awards can be great PR but you have to do the work to make an impact.

Visual content: One high impact way to boost brand visibility relies on quality visual content; images and videos about the nomination and from the event really make a difference in brand placement. Take the opportunity to refresh your visual content and get good quality images and video content from the event.

Network engagement: Your online and offline tribe/community will increase the reach of your awards announcement by sharing the good news and commenting on your success. This is another great way of boosting brand visibility and further confirms the credibility of the brand. A measure of great PR is not necessarily how we speak about ourselves but how others speak about us. Make sure you send an email to your business database and share across social media when you are nominated and especially when you win.

Sector credibility: An award nomination or win will enhance your credibility in your sector and give your customers/clients even more of a reason to remain loyal to you. Use awards to open new doors of opportunity for your brand such as speaking engagements and increased sales.

All in all whether you win or are nominated for an award it is a great way to showcase your brand and celebrate your achievements.

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