“Giving Up Is Not An Option”: Read My Interview On YNaija

Ynaija is a popular online magazine based in Nigeria, it was a pleasure to be featured by the platform.

“GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION” Ronke Lawal Ynaija Interview

I really enjoyed conducting this undertaking this interview, I hope you read it an enjoy it just as much as I do – read it in full here:

The opportunity to live a life I love inspires me and in 2004 I realised that it was my destiny to start a business! I just seek joy and fulfillment in everything I do; as well as achieving my goals. It has not always been easy but I figured out quite quickly in life that it’s important to strive to find happiness, it’s important to live a life that’s good for you which is why I sought this path. I am very passionate about my path in life, knowing that passion, consistency and integrity will enable me to reach me goals.

Thanks to Ynaija and Rachel Ogbu for the profile feature.

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